Love everything about Hot Glass  Have you seen their newest designs? Check out the cactus, they are delightful. Above all the glass art, I so admire what Joel and Logan do in support of our local veterans and nonprofit organizations. The community and I thank you. 
Love everything about Hot Glass
LuAnn Haydon
My group of 4 had a wonderful experience with Logan at Hot Glass. We each made a heart. It was fun and very interesting. Another gentleman actually showed us a few different kinds of glass work and explained the process for making them. A very enjoyable afternoon!
A wonderful experience
Jane Shanks
Try it! It's a lot of fun! Very informative and they have patience, which is great when you have a new person a bit hesitant around molten glass. I loved my experience and will do it again! I’m not sure how many testimonials we need! Above are a few that we thought were worth using.
Try it! It’s a lot of fun!
Jillmarie Smalley
Excellent group of people with a great purpose!!!  Highly suggest checking this out for a group or teaming activity. I was lucky enough to be part of a scheduled event to become educated in the process of glass blowing, made a beautiful ornament and had a great time with the wonderful staff at Hot Glass!
Excellent group of people with a great purpose!!! 
Vanessa Hier
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