Hot Glass Design Your Own Evergreen Experience

Hot Glass Design Your Own Evergreen Experience

Class is $85/ per person, Non-refundable Deposit of $20/person required. Balance is due at the time of your class. 10 minutes



The Hot Glass Design Your Own Evergreen Experience is ready to book!!
The experience will run from this Wednesday Nov.15th, through Saturday Dec. 2nd!
We will have a ton of different options for you to personalize your own tree! We will have our traditional colors in green, white, clear, sparkly gold, metallic green and a bunch of non traditional colors as well!
Hot Glass evergreen trees are more difficult to make than other seasonal classes so this experience will have a different format than in the past!
This is a hands off class, so each person will design the evergreen tree, but will not participate in the actual making of the glass object.
We will explain the entire process, answer any questions about glass blowing, and will also allow parties to bring in food or drink!
All ages are welcome at this experience!
The cost for this experience is $85 a person.
If you don’t want to sign up for the experience, and just want to buy an already designed evergreen tree, they will be $75 and available in our gallery!
Each party will be private and limited to 10 or less people. That being said a party of 1 person can definitely still book this event as well!
Experience times can be booked Tuesday-Saturday for the above range of dates.
Tuesday-Thursday (2pm-5pm)
Friday (10am-3pm)
Saturday (10am-2pm)
Click the above link to schedule an appointment!
All appointments are first come first serve. Each evergreen will take roughly 10 minutes (For example, a group of 3 will take approximately 30 minutes).
All evergreens will be picked up on a later day after the class has taken place.
The address to Hot Glass is 104 Western Ave. Davenport, Iowa 52801. Our glass studio and gallery are located on the west side of the building near the loading dock
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